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Devastation Elves (WAR)

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An aggro deck with a tool-box component and a combo finish!

Play a ton of elves, for a ton of mana and finish of the game by playing or tutoring for End-Raze Forerunners !

Finale of Devastation serves here to tutor many 1-of, hence the tool-box element of this deck. As said before, on a board, it can kill off the opponent by tutoring End-Raze Forerunners . It can tutor Reclamation Sage to remove a problematic enchantment or artifact, and it can tutor, for 6 mana, Golgari Raiders for a surprise kill after a board wipe.

There a plenty of lines of play with this deck. For example, the classic turn 1 Llanowar Elves into a turn 2 Steel Leaf Champion is pretty good. Or, the new turn 1 Pelt Collector into Paradise Druid or Growth-Chamber Guardian . Marwyn, the Nurturer on the board can help you get all of your Growth-Chamber Guardian or Elvish Clancaller in play. on It is easy to get on the board with this elf deck, and it is easy to come back from behind thanks to the card raw engine ( Beast Whisperer or Vanquisher's Banner .


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I tried this deck on paper at my local store. Here how it went :

Game 1 : +Bye+

Game 2 : I lost 1-2 vs Mono-White Aggro, the tier one deck. All 3 matches were close. I lost to a board stale where my opponent had flyers. The game plan is this matchup is to go crazy on board presence, as Mono-White doesn't play sweepers, keep Reclamation Sage for Conclave tribunal or History of Benalia (and side-in 1 or 2 more), and win with only one attack phase going alpha with a 10+ Finale of Devastation.

Game 3 : I won 2-1 vs Rakdos Aristocrates (this deck is so cool!). The game plan is to fight for board presence, make good trades, while my card advantage engine outlcass theirs.


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