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Straight up Azorius control.

Still pretty new at constructed, not so great at control, but I had fun playing Azorius at pre-release and wanted to build W/U Control anyway.

Gave myself lots of card draw to pump up Righteous Authority , and there are plenty of enchantments to buff Ethereal Armor as well. I get the feeling that I may not have enough permission spells, but I'm not sure what to do about it.

Any feedback is welcome!


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After a lot of testing with my play group, I decided to make some pretty severe changes to the deck. I took out all the Judge's Familiars, Azorius Arresters and Azorius Justiciars because they just weren't doing work in the deck, and moved Martial Law into my sideboard. In their place I went up to 24 lands; added an Azorius Charm, Sphinx's Revelation, and an additional Oblivion Ring; and got myself a play-set of Invisible Stalkers that have been doing some serious work in the deck. As long as I can turn 2 an Invisible Stalker into a turn 3 Etherial Armour and Curiosity I am in amazing shape.

I also borrowed a couple of Tamiyo, the Moon Sage to maindeck instead of Supreme Verdict. What I was finding was that 9 times out of 10 I was in a good enough position to not need to wipe the board and the Supreme Verdict would just sit in my hand. Not so with Tamiyo. She would lock down creatures (and Kessig Wolf Runs) left, right, and center. Literally - we play a lot of FFA. Her -2 ability is also totally in line with what the deck is trying to do, especially once I get Righteous Authority out into play. Now I just need some of my own...

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