Need Feed back this is the first version of the deck it focuses on the ability detain, while using enchantments and instants for powering up, stalling, drawing power, or bouncing, only to keep control of the board and to detain creatures and abilities as well as summoning the triumph creature.


Made the deck more sturdy with the ideas of two individuals this should be a little more stronger trying to figure out what I can minimize to insure that the deck can run at 60 cards smoothly.

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Masterman360 says... #1

Thank you both for the comments Keevel I believe that the 19 is a fair trade off for the deck Dissipate over cancel I never really took into consideration like that and I believe that that is a good mix, Azorius Arrester is in the deck as a fodder I understand his 1 defense with nothing to back it up along with the Stealer of Secrets I use the enchantments on them to give them a backbone and to have them be targeted for sorcerys and spells. You make a great argument about them not being able to hit damage and Curiosity along with Invisible Stalker is a excellent combo but I want the other player to see the beat stick and force cards he is feeding into the aura engine I am seriously looking into the card:Conjurer's Closet and the Faerie Impostor I might use the enchantments with the Stealer of Secrets and Curiosity to pose a better threat, however what cards do you think I should side or drop.

October 29, 2012 1:35 a.m.

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