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Please please I'd love your feedback! It seems to working pretty good but I want it better! Any help is much appreciated.

The basic premise of this deck is to wipe the board inflicting pain with the Blood Artist or surprise attack with Guardians' Pledge . I added Gruesome Encore in case there was anything fun in the graveyard after killing my opponents creatures, was thinking of maybe replacing with a Mimic Vat instead.

It would be great to get any feedback, it's a bit on the top-heavy side of things but my 1/1 weenies usually hold me off till the board-wipes come. My biggest issue is keeping my blood artist around. He's pretty vulnerable to Surgical Extraction and other cards of the like.

Another issue I have is when another player has a Blood Artist or Falkenrath Noble it nullifies my destruction. I should put some spot removal in but I can't seem to fit it.


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