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Derevi - Oh! Das a Wizardball!

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Derevi's new incarnation. Based off of Cobblepott's list, with less astax pieces (which will most likely change over time).


Spell Queller: Counterspell that hits most relevant things besides maybe Ad Naus with a flying body to pair with it. Fetchable off Chord of Calling and Yisan for the spicy interaction plays. Can also tutor via Fauna Shaman/Survival at instant speed. Not a permanent counterspell but it usually puts brakes on things long enough to have value.

Cards that may come in soon:

Caustic Caterpillar: Cheap interaction I can drop early or fetch easily enough off Chord/GSZ/Yisan.

Glimpse of Nature: Popular in a lot of other lists and even getting 2 cards off of it covers itself due to its low cost. Most creatures in the deck are cheap anyway.

Dakra Mystic: I ran her for a while and liked it. It was a nice 1 drop to grab off Yisan or Chord as it was another way to dig into the deck. It's also useful for counteracting tutors and I don't always have to draw off it.

Dryad Militant: Recursion for most of my instants and sorceries is bar minimal anyway and with some storm/doomsday decks in my meta it may be another shoe in for 1 drops.

Weathered Wayfarer: Two words: Gaea's Cradle.

Quest For Renewal: This card is super easy to get online, usually taking no more than 2 turns. Ideally I want it online the turn I drop it so I may try testing it again sometime.

Mystical Tutor: Tutors tutors.....and interaction! I didn't need it as much since I cut dramatic scepter combo but having the flexibility in another tutor might not hurt.


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