This is a Derevi stax variant with an emphasis on landfall. It's built to neutralize fast combo and drag games out into the late-game, where it can break open games by leveraging its resources and engines into an overwhelming advantage. As a game of resources, whomever has access to the most is usually the winner. What we try to do is deny or severely limit our opponents' access to their resources by running asymmetrical stax pieces; they hurt our opponents, us less so. With a fairly high density of stax pieces we try to break gameplans while advancing ours. Our priority is to get a draw engine online, then put multiple stax pieces on the board to paralyze opponents. Victory is all but assured once the third piece hits the table. Our most efficient line is through Birthing Pod. A sequence of GAIV, Sakashima, Glen Elendra, and Hokori is usually sufficient to gain board control T3-4 with a good start. If we're behind reset the board with Cyclonic Rift or entice opponents to tap out by playing a wheel effect after a taxer then drop an orb effect after opponents play out their hands to swing control of the table back to us.


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