Part of my beginner friendly decks.

40 card limit house rule $15 budget $2 price limit per card. Designed to get new players into magic with simple decks. If you like the deck feel free to use it as a starting point to build up to 60 cards. Check out the folder "40 card decks for beginners" for others.


Built with these guidelines (similar to ones seen for pre-release)

Rule of thumb when building decks. 40% Land 60% spells = (17 Land 23 Spells)

  • 17-18 lands is typical, which mean 23 or 22 spells to hit 40.
  • 15 to 16 creature spells, out of the 22 to 23 total spells (No fewer than 13 creatures)
  • Review your mana curve. Need a few 1-2 mana cards, bulk in 3-4 mana range, a few in 5-6 mana range.

Helpful tip = 17 lands (16 if you're mostly 1 & 2 drops, 18 if you expect the game to go long)


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