This is just basic premise and card ideas. Suggestions would be helpful. I can tell I've been out of Magic for a while when I can't recall cards as well as I could since I used to brain storm decks all the darn time.

Anyway, Oathbreaker had me interested in returning to Magic again for a while. EDH was my primary format but, admittedly, the meta in my area got stale. Went from being fun and laid back to building well oiled clocks that ended games either too early or in relatively unfun ways.

The idea for this deck is, for some stupid reason, I want to make Flayer of the Hatebound do a lot of work with its second ability. I suppose I could stuff more Undying cards in but I'd like to try to be a little thematic with the deck and have it focus more on Demons and Devils, because I'm a tribal loser. I chose Angrath mostly out of necessity (Since he's one of like...two Rakdos colored Planeswalkers) and his Menace ability could prove useful against larger than average beaters and he isn't too expensive to play.

I chose Undying Evil as his signature to pass out Undying to the creatures who don't have it, with the aim to abuse the spell's initial low cost mid to late game with big bodied Demons to burn people harder with Flayer. Some other cards I chose so far are for minor burn or cheaper bodies just to keep me protected at first (Gibbering Fiend, Hellrider, Mayhem Devil, Tibalt's Rager, Sin Prodder, etc).

Typical desire to run graveyard recursion to keep the Flayer or another key creature in play, so suggestions for revival tools could be helpful as well. Sac engines to play off Mayhem Devil and Flayer dealing more damage would be great as well.

Maybe more ways to remove +1/+1 Counters (Baleful Ammit, Hex Parasite) to keep Undying active on creature.

Puppet Strings to manipulate defenders or demons forced to tap (Persecutor), etc.


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Just trying out the current build using the app on site, Mana might be an issue. As in not pulling it often when I want. So I might need to dial back a few creatures just to get a little more consistency. Most hands I had in my 10 or so play test was running a bit dry on Mana opening hand. No bueno, as I need, really, 4 or so mana to really get the deck going (Of course, that time frame will adjust during actual play tests with opponents).

I think I love, but also hate, Sin Prodder. :p He's a solid card, imo, offering politics but will definitely be a later drop than I originally thought as he will seriously kill my Mana base when opponents, assuredly, will choose to make me discard it for free. Mid to late though I can see lots of free draws off him for such a small Mana investment since, hopefully, people will be too low life to really make such a crucial sacrifice to deny me a 4 or 5 drop card.

Note: Sensei's Top or Crystal Ball might be a good addition to stack my odds of ensuring a better gain off Sin Prodder. Stack with a higher cost card so they likely won't burn themselves and make sure my Mana for turn is my draw for the turn...

Note: The 'Price of Progress' and 'Fury Storm' combo I had in mind may be too strong if no one has outs for it. I'm going to assume many people will play multi colored, and even if they aren't, they will want to run plenty of non-basics. Even with my Oathbreaker cast one time, it'll cause Price of Progress to be cast 3 times. Even if every player only had 2 non-basics, that's 12 damage with this combo. Either the ga,e ends in a massive draw or net an instant win if I'm still in the lead and don't have many of my non-basics out. When I put in the combo I was still in Commander mind set and with 40 life, this combo wouldn't hurt too bad depending on when it was cast. Likely, though, even in that scenario it'd lead to a total game tie unless someone happened to be playing lots of life gain.


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