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Goblins, goblins everywhere! Let us riot together! Lets get this party started!

This is a goblin deck I made for fun. I really isn't supposed to be quite good, it is just supposed to be fun to play as and not get trampled before the fun begins.

I added some chaos cards and creature swaps because i know all my friends will want some of my amazing creatures on their side of the field (and i'm willing to share; hence Goblin Cadets ).

Also Confusion in the Ranks + Genesis Chamber = FUN

I also like Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker with confusion

This deck is still in testing, so I would greatly apprietiate any comments to make the deck better. Ideas of what to remove are always helpful.


Updates Add

I took out the Necropolis Regent for a Capricious Efreet because I think the possibility of enchantment removal is significantly better than a card that makes people want to block my goblins. I also put in a Lux Cannon for enchantment removal. I put in Goblin Recruiter as someone suggested, I took out some other weaker tutoring goblin. Once I find out the name of the card, I'm going to add that black card that makes people pay 2 colorless per creature to attack me (if you know what this card is please inform me).

I'm considering adding Patriarch's Bidding but a lot of the people I play with run tribal as well, so I'm not sure if its worth it.

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