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Created for squire1 's scylla and charybdis deckbuilder challenge.

The goal for Delirious Legion is to overwhelm your opponent with tokens created by Infernal Genesis or Awakening Zone in conjunction with Engineered Plague and Gaea's Anthem.

you should always try to get an Engineered Plague on the field naming minion to stop your opponent from getting tokens from Infernal Genesis. Gaea's Anthem and Leyline of Vitality will keep your own minions from dyin to the plague. Privileged Position is there to protect the combo. Sensei's Divining Top is great for card manipulation it can also setup which card you will throw away to IG. Awakening Zone serves both as ramp and token production. Wheel of Sun and Moon prevents you from decking yourself and hurts graveyard themed decks.


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This deck is Legacy legal.

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