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Definitely Casual Zur Voltron, I'm Serious!

Commander / EDH* WUB (Esper)


Important Before you Judge this deck's effectiveness. It is not made to combo off and win turn 3-4. This is simply a voltron Zur, with win cons in his back-pocket. I could have easily just added Necropotence Tainted Pact Doomsday and Demonic Consultation and won games on games. However, this deck is made as a learning curve for my Wife to learn more control and utility, with the added benefit of keeping the voltron style gameplay, but with more flexibility now.

The IsoRev win con sure is annoying to deal with, but I have at most 8 tutors in this deck and assembling IsoRev for infinite mana, while having Jace or Labman on the field and having access to draw with Stroke of genius or BSZ does increase how fragile this combo is. Thus, other players are able to interact and stop it.

TLDR: If i wanted to stomp people everygame whats the point to fun EDH games, if I wanted to play cEDH I would and I will just added few more cards. Enjoy the deck.

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