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Defenders of the Lantern that Opens the Door v2.0

Modern* Combo Control Five Color RUG (Temur) Theme/Gimmick



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One of my favorite decks of all time, I pulled a Door to Nothingness in one of my first M13 packs and have loved it since, originally my Door deck was a five color artifact deck, then I saw the spoiler for Chromatic Lantern and the gears started turning, I had a semi competitive plan in mind until i saw Axebane Guardian and Gatecreeper Vine, I've seen a few other decks online with the same general premise, my favorite thing about this deck is that it comes with a story that came to me in a dream. Its a little late making it's debute but nonetheless please enjoy Defenders of the Lantern that Opens the Door

Defenders of the Lantern that Opens the Door:Among the infinite planes there is one without a name, some would call it desolate given its lack of civilized society, but what it lacks in grand cities it makes up for in vast and lush jungles and rich unbound knowledge. The Blue and Green mana on this plane flows so richly it draws planeswalkers from across the multiverse. This often ends badly for the peaceful inhabitants of the Forests of Thought. For deep in the Forest of Thought there is a cave, and deep within that cave is a stream of pure Knowledge, completely unfettered by the whims of good and evil, but capable of being used for either. It is the sworn duty of the this forest's population to protect this cave and its treasure even if it means taking up arms and laying down lives. But since when is that ever enough, in order to assure the protection of this treasure a young mage took it into his hands to find the perfect protection from even the fiercest of foes that may seek to misuse this great treasure. He traversed deep into the cave in search of the knowledge he needed but found more than he ever expected. He would not return from that cave for several years. Inside the cave he learned of other worlds and the people with the ability to traverse between them. It was in this moment his Spark ingited...

When at long last he returned to his home plane he brought with him tools of incredible power that could all but guarantee the safety of his home. With him he brought the power of The Door.The Door to Nothingness would normally have no place on this plane of structure and peace, not to mention the lack of appropriate Mana required to access it's power, a problem easily fixed by the acquisition of The Chromatic Lantern. In a short time he had taught the mages of the forest to draw upon the same magic as the Lantern in order to open the door in the his absence.

On his travels through the Multiverse the illustrious planeswalker met others like himself and with a few of them he struck the bargain to call upon them in an hour of need. The plane remains safe and protected, for now....

Note: This is a reconstruction post M13 to make it playable in Modern


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