Tentative RTR standard legal deck. Idea from here.

The goal is to get out Axebane Guardian soulbonded to Galvanic Alchemist, along with three other creatures with Defender to reach infinite mana. The win condition is an Increasing Confusion for infinite to mill the opponent.

The earliest you can combo off is turn four:

Turn 1: Forest, Arbor Elf.

Turn 2: Land, Axebane Guardian.

Turn 3: Land, tap Arbor Elf, Haunted Guardian, Haunted Guardian, tap Axebane Guardian for 4 mana, Galvanic Alchemist.

Turn 4: Infinite mana, Increasing Confusion.

Card Choices:

Arbor Elf is important in getting Axebane Guardian out turn 2, and speeds up the combo by one turn. It also helps alleviate 2-land hands, which you will see a lot of.

Ludevic's Test Subject  Flip functions as both a defender to trigger the combo and an alternative win condition, in the form of a 13/13 trampling lizard horror.

Tracker's Instincts is here to filter for the creatures you need to pull off the combo. As an additional bonus, Tracker's Instincts can drop an Increasing Confusion into the graveyard for you to cast for the flashback cost.


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This deck is Standard legal.

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