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Defend the Highland

Canadian Highlander


Rebuilt from the ground up, this is a Canadian Highlander deck built around defenders.The deck is mostly built around stalling up the board with defenders and then turning them on with either Assault Formation or Arcades, the Strategist The deck is base Bant, splashing the other two colors to get either win condition creatures like Vent Sentinel or just strong wall like Souls of the Faultless .

This deck also has a set of Planeswalkers to sit behind the Walls and add pressure and some to work as Win Conditions. Additionally, there is a copy of Emrakul, the Aeons Torn to either be cast off of the large amounts of mana that Axebane Guardian , Overgrown Battlement or being a major hit for Nahiri, The Harbringer. Settle the Wreckage , Dusk / Dawn and Slaughter the Strong are your sweeper packages, as they allow you to keep your board while seriously damaging your opponent's board. Lightmine Field also allows you to do that again decks that end up going wider than you.

This if my first time doing a five color land base, so most of this was guesswork, so suggestions there would be much appreciated. I have kept out original dual lands for budget reasons mostly, can they can easily be slotted in in place of either the reveal lands or creature lands, depending on your preference.

Also, currently this deck is sitting at 1 points. If you have the money to support it the points spread would be Mox Pearl , Mox Sapphire , Mox Emerald , replacing three of the basic lands.


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