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Here is version 2 of defend-o-mill, which is now working very nicely. I now seem to have the right balance of Defenders and other stuff. Loving the addition of Spelltwine, and Alchemists' refuge allows me to pursue the deck's main strategy of keeping mana open during my opponent's turn for Syncopate (real or imagined).

I'm finding that in certain matchups (eg Golgari) I don't really want to do much milling before I have the combo. Jace's +1 ability is great for digging for the pieces I need, while obviously his zero rocks the rest of the time.

Sideboard strategy: the main one is Rootborn Defenses and Avacyn (plus white mana sources) against uncounterable board wipes like Supreme verdict. Probably need to increase the amount of this. The rest is tweaking: Grave Bramble for Zombies, Negate instead of Essence Scatter for less creature-heavy decks, Clinging Mists for very aggressive matchups.


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