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Defeating A Sandwich Only Makes It Tastier

Modern Casual Jank Theme/Gimmick W/B (Orzhov)


Defeating A Sandwich Only Makes It Tastier

The Purpose

I have been on a quest to build a series of decks that win using each part of the board. For this, I wanted to win with the Life Total. I could’ve done something like Felidar Sovereign , but that would be pretty cliché, so I went the OPPOSITE WAY!! This deck’s center is Near-Death Experience .

So, the idea here is that you kill yourself, use Angel's Grace to save your quickly fleeting life, and have out Near-Death Experience to win the game.

Please make suggestions!! This is a pretty unexplored idea for me and I'm sure the research I put into this deck didn't even come close to showing me all the possibilities!! Any suggestions on what I currently have here are also very welcome.

Card Breakdown

Aegis of the Gods

  • This is pretty much just to prevent you from getting Lightning Bolt ed or something when you bring your life total to 1. Helps bring you safely to your upkeep phase when your wincon triggers.
  • Also serves as a creature. There aren’t many, so savor it.

Angel's Grace

  • This thing is LITERALLY a life saver. If you get yourself down to one life and someone manages to damage you, this is the perfect way to ensure your victory. It’ll cut things pretty close, but that’s what makes this exciting, right?
  • Note that the text specifies that it will only apply to DAMAGE. It won’t save you from paying too much life so make sure you always pay the right amount.


Ghostly Prison

  • Since this deck is a little slow (turn 6 win) this will hopefully help keep you safe for awhile.

Near-Death Experience

  • AYYYYY HERE IT IS!! The all-star of this freakshow of a deck. Just be sure to have this out when you bleed yourself to the brink of death.

Noxious Revival

  • Just in case you end up losing something really important.
  • You also get to pay life to use it. Only helps you out, really.

Plunge into Darkness

  • The first method we have here of paying life!! Just worry about the second effect. What its actually for is just a sort of side effect, what we’re interested in is paying your life total to 1.
  • Preferably, you would do this at the end of the opponents turn to minimize what they’re capable of doing before the beginning of your upkeep when Near-Death Experience triggers.

Vampiric Link

  • More stalling. Stick this onto an opponent's creature and it’ll pretty much shut off all the damage they do.

Wall of Blood

  • This card is the best way to get down to 1 life. You just use the ability, pay life till you have 1 left, then you have a super powered wall AND you can win the game. No downside, other than teetering on the edge of oblivion.
  • Again, be sure you only pay enough life to get to 1, and no more. You can't stop yourself from dying if you go over.

Wall of Omens

  • Just some protection on the board and a little bit of draw thrown in for good measure.

Other Decks

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