Creature based sacrifice deck. This deck concentrates on getting many creatures (especially Saprolings) out in a space of time and then using them as fodder for various sacrifice effects.

Lose them to Deathspore Thallid to get rid of pesky creatures. Use Ashnod's Altar to generate more mana. Use Hell's Caretaker to bring back your fallen. All the while, eating away at their creatures using Grave Pact.

"You are born, you die and you are forgotten. Such is the natural way of life.

Having come into the world, you serve your purpose. You fight, you help others, you grow stronger. But even in your growing strength you do not notice that your time approaches. The friends you once knew do nothing to stop your demise.

You die, and are buried. For a brief moment, people mourn. But it is not long lived.

Soon, you are forgotten, exiled into the memories of time herself. You have served your purpose.

Decompose and destroy, as none can escape death."


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