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Deck yourself B4 you Wreck yourself (GRN Primer)

Standard* Combo Competitive Jank Lifegain Primer W/U/B (Esper)



I have always tried to make jank homebrews in standard, that still can hold there own on. While looking for my next rotation proof deck, I ran into countless Nexus of Fate decks. It was in all forms of decks: from Mono-blue artifact, to Bant Tubo-Fog. The thing is (Apparently) everyone hates turbo fog players! I felt that running such a mainstream deck, would go against what i usually stand for in standard. Also the price. At roughly 20 bucks a piece I knew I could only afford 1 or 2. So I moved on from that idea. The next deck that piqued my interest was s Mardu Lich's Mastery combo deck. The problem with this was the main pieces of the combo were rotating out. That left me with two cards I had fallen in love with and looking for a way to combine them. Of course I needed Blue and Black for Nexus of Fate and Lich's Mastery, but I knew white was necessary for life gain shenanigans withLich's Mastery. So I finally decided on an Esper control shell with the hopes of lasting long enough to draw out your whole deck and combo off. Here is what I came up with for a fairly budget, but still (not really) competitive deck.
The strategy of the deck is to delay your opponent from winning until you can...what a shock. The way the combo works is Once you have Lich's Mastery down, all lifegain converts to card draw. Then gain billions of life uses mass life gain spells and eventually deck yourself. Buuuuuut you won't lose because Lich's Mastery says you can't lose the game. Then play Nexus of Fate for infinite turns and attack repeatedly for game. Will it ever work, who knows I haven't uused the deck irl, but it playtesting it seems strong.
Mana base is pretty self explanatory, Reliquary Tower because it doesn't feel good to discard 30+ cards and Evolving Wilds to lessen the amount of cards you must draw, or mana fix. TField of ruin can also do this, and ofc has the added bonus of, you know destroying a land. We only ever need double white mana for late game mass life gain, so i try to limit the white mana sources.

Cast Down is amazing especially against control, say god bye to your Dreameater and dom whisperer. I only own one Vraska's Contempt but of course I put that in. Moment of craving is our biggest weapon against aggro, in most cases reomval, the the lifegain. Last but not least in the removal category is Ritual of Soot, absolutely amazing, helps us deal with hexproof, too. Syncopate is the only 2 mana hard counter (possibly). And finally Sinister Sabotage cause we need a few counters but don't want to be that annoying. It also has the added bonus of controlling what we draw and thinning our deck much like the next set of cards.

Now Sanguine Sacrament and Azor, the Lawbringer are how you win. Any of those with Azor's Gateway   or just a lot of mana, hopefully will draw you what you need to win. Teferi, Hero of Dominaria is all around one of the best cards in standard and you can also use him to wipe everything your opponent controls once you have infinite turns.

This deck is set up initially, to be good against creature heavy decks. After game one If tokens/aggro is still a problem Ritual of Soot can go in for targeted removal. More likely though, sideboarding will be more necessary against a control matchup. This is when you throw in Duress Negate and Chromium, the Mutable in place of the less optimal removal. I love Unmoored Ego! There are 2 cards that are frequently played in standard that absolutely destroy this deck. River's Rebuke and Cleansing Nova, but with this card name them and there gone.
To keep this short and sweet here is what I'd like to say. I'm just trying to make a winning deck in standard that is uncommon, and unexpected. I don't expect to be competitive, but also want to win. Any suggestions are very welcome, and an upvote would be appreciated! Thank you for showing interest in this deck and if you read this far Shout a big "HELLOHA!" in the chat!


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I have almost all of the deck IRL so its time to hit my local games store and get testing!



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