With all of the new cycling cards we got from Amonkhet, I wanted to make a deck build around the mechanic. All in all I have 10 cards that trigger when a card is cycled (or discarded, as you must do to cycle). The most important cards of this type is; Astral Slide, Drake Haven, Faith of the Devoted, and Archfiend of Ifnir. The first three of these can each be tutored with my commander Zur the Enchanter. Then all I've got to do is cycle my cards at the right time and have some fun while looting new cards. There are 24 cyclable cards in the deck (I might need some additional) to activate them.

I dont have some of the good cycling cards like Decree of Justice and Decree of Silence because they are too expensive to cycle. I like cheap cyclers more than these.

If you like it, please leave an upvote, and all suggestions are welcome, thanks.



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