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Pauper Control Mono-Black


This is the latest (and hopefully best) version of my main Pauper deck. It's a somewhat straightforward mono-black control deck with lots of life drain and kill spells including Chainer's Edict for it’s repeatability, and to help get around any non-counterspell protection of certain decks; as well as several creatures with deathtouch to defend, push through some damage and to help get back the monarch if you happen to lose it.

I’m also experimenting with Spinning Darkness right now as it’s basically a colorshifted Lightning Helix that it’s possible to cast for free.

There is the slight issue of the combined “Pay life” spells being exactly enough to kill you by themselves if you don’t draw any draining spells, but at my LGS at least, the meta is basically; 60% U/W Familiars, 30% Tron and 10% Me, so I’m reasonably sure I can keep the life loss under control.

I’m feeling pretty good about this current build, but I'm sure regular Pauper players will still be able to suggest ways to improve the deck. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, thanks.


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