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Designed for James.

This is a Golgari(Green/Black) deck.

The main combo in this deck involves the Nightshade Peddler .When a creature enters the battlefield, you simple shift it's Soulbond: Deathtouch ability with a weak creatures that are expendable yet have great recursion like Gravecrawler and Slitherhead , and especially Strangleroot Geist whom can die twice. Just play aggressively with them and leave at least 1 weak creature to defend with Death touch.

With the addition of Rancor , you can play aggressively with low risk because if it pops, it simply jumps back into your hand and with a very efficient cost of just 1 forest, it'll be back in the field on the same play.

Golgari Charm also allows some of your creatures to smash into stronger creatures or get blocked by multiple creatures and survive thank's to the charm's ability to allow you regenerate all of your creatures.

Mid game

Start your combo of [[lotleth troll], by discarding Slitherhead to give the troll +1/+1, and then exile Slitherhead to give the troll another +1/+1. That's a 4/3 with regenerate on the field and it'll probably have Death touch. Toss in a Rancor and he'll be smashing as a 8/3 on turn 3-4 with Trample. You can also boost Lotleth Troll by discarding Gravecrawler from your hand and then bring them back to the field with it's reviving ability. Stick a Rancor on the Gravecrawler and force them into defensive play with a 6/1 recurring zombie with trample.

This deck features pretty good speed with Grisly Salvage. Which allows you to draw 5 cards and keep all land and creature cards. Since that is the majority of the deck, there's a pretty chance you're not going to be tossing anything else.

Late game

You can pressure with Thragtusk or search it out with either Jarad's Orders or Green Sun's Zenith

Recycle zombies with Ghoulcaller's Chant or creatures in general that have probably been tossed out by Grisly Salvage or Jarad's Orders


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