I love this deck. When I first started playing Magic back in Theros block I wanted to build a devotion deck. I tried many times with super budget builds that could not get devotion high enough to do any real damage or were trying to do other "clever" things. The deck I wanted to build seemed completely out of my grasp due to it's price range and dedication to build even if it took years. After a good friend of mine showed me that it was not so far out of reach if I just got rid of cards I was holding on to and not doing anything with, the dream could become a reality. This deck obviously is not original and has been played by many different people either in this form or something close to it. Anyhow, I'm just super excited that this deck is finally done and it's what I've wanted to build for so long. Thank you to all the players on here that play mono-black devotion and mono-black midrange decks for keeping me inspired. Take care!


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