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Death to all Creatures!

Standard BR (Rakdos) Budget




How can your opponent win without any creatures? This is the central philosophy behind this deck: using Doom Blade, Dreadbore, Deathtouch, Magma Jet, Shock and Anger of the Gods everything that your opponent controls will die.

Creatures in this deck are limited, but key in order to succeed: Rakdos Cackeres are used for early game damage. Taking advantage of the many sorceries and spells used we have Guttersnipe to inflict damage as we murder everything that your opponent holds dear. Liliana's Reaver provides more meat to the deck in the form of tokens, as well as furthering a card advantage. We have Desecration Demon to deal damage and generally be a nuisance. To finish them off, we have Master of Cruelties, murdering anything in his path and bringing your opponent to his knees.

For card draw we have Read and Magma Jet. As mentioned previously Liliana's Reaver helps further this advantage, as well as Rakdos's Return.

Madcap Skills synergizes incredibly well with both Master of Cruelties and with Liliana's Reaver, making Whip of Erebos even more effective in helping you regain life.

The sideboard is, naturally, equipped to help deal with particularly troublesome decks, with Devour Flesh to destroy creatures without targeting them and Peak Eruption to deal with difficult red Decks. Slaughter Games is, of course, to deal with VERY annoying cards, and the rest is fairly self explanatory.

Note that this deck IS built on a budget: obviously the Guildgate woud be a Blood Crypt with a higher budget, and other such changes would be made.

For death galore, pick Rakdos. It's a bloody good time.

Update: removed 2x master of cruelties from main and added 2x anger of the gods in.

Update: I changed a great deal of things within this deck, by the advice of a few friends of mine. Here is a list of changes-Removed 4x Thrill Kill Assassins-Removed 2x Grim Return-Removed 4x Shock-Added 2x Underworld Connections-Added 4x Magma Jet-Added 2x Madcap Skills-Added 2x Whip of ErebosThe sideboard has also been very heavily changed, though I won't list off everything.

Update:-Replaced Rakdos, Lord of Riots with Desecration Demon-Removed 2x Lightning Strike-Added 2x Rakdos's Return


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