I love Death Pits of Rath a lot and wanted to build an EDH deck that tried to use it to a silly extreme. Naturally red does most of the work for the deck, black is the cheapest way to find it reliably, and white is the cheapest way to keep getting it back, so Mardu made sense as a color scheme for it.

I'm playing in a pool that requires decks to be under $100, so any suggestions that are going to replace cards I have with more expensive ones will be appreciated but ignored (it clocks in at about $93 right now).

Alesha, Who Smiles at Death commands because she is cheap and can reanimate over half of the creatures in the deck (thanks to Tk4890 for pointing this out!).


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Turns out a major weakness of this deck was indestructibility, and I was naively thinking that not everything would be indestructible. The first two decks I played this against both ended up making all of their creatures indestructible during the games and I had no response. Swapped in Everlasting Torment to be able to deal with indestructible without changing any other mechanics of the deck, so now that's the second priority to tutor after Death Pits of Rath.

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