Braids being dead hurts, a lot. So now I have to make a deck to prove she should be allowed by following FDA rules. The deck I am going to make needs to be A: better than a placebo, and B: better than whats already out there, I am using She's Back to compete against. Good night sweet princess, phage would be proud.

This is a somewhat budged version of what could be. without smokestacks because everyone hates it and i guess she would be somewhat play group friendly. I'll start to craft a more competitive version of this deck soon so we know where to set are aim for improvements.

Lets start with what stuff does and our main goal. TO KILL EVERYTHING, including our own stuff. This gives us a great advantage when we utilize cards that work well in, or with graveyards. Also, its important to mention all the best sac removal causes everyone, including yourself, to sac something. So then it becomes a balancing act of do I have the graveyard play to utilize a smaller casting cost for a better sac outlet, in our case, yes!

We can break down the deck into a couple of categories, sac engines, things that utilize death, recursion, fodder, and control - ill break it down into removal and control.



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