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Death Control



This is a (mostly) creatureless mono-black control deck. It's goal is to control the game by killing all of your opponent's creatures and then winning with your choice of Corrupt, Crypt Rats or Evincar's Justice, sometimes with the help of a Twisted Abomination.
The deck features a huge removal suite and a lot of card draw, so it's not afraid to trade 1 for 1 with the enemy creatures. It also features a lot of Corrupt effects, in order to gain a maximum of life. The life gain not only offsets the life loss of the card draw, it also makes it really hard for aggro deck to wins and it makes it possible to win with crypt rats or evincar's justice.
Here are some important tips when piloting the deck:
o Regarding discard spells: these aren't turn 1 discard spells. They are meant to be cast in the later game, in order to make it easier to resolve your important spells or to deal with annoying creatures, like mulldrifter, dinrova horrors or gray merchants. Post-board, the duresses should always be kept for a while, and used right before trying to resolve an important spell, to make sure that the way is clear.
o Prioritizing removal spells: if you suspect that your opponent has an answer to your removal spell, don't hesitate to bait it out with a lesser removal spell like an edict or disfigure, in order to clear the way for a corrupt or a tendrils.
o Twisted Abominations: These are lands. This deck wants to hit its land drops every single turn if possible, so do not hesitate for one second to cycle them. You shouldn't bank them for later if you have one in your early hand, cycle it as soon as you can, there are plenty of other ways to win the game!


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