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After seeing Smellygoat11's dragon deck; How to Train Your-- Oh Sweet Mother of God..., I decided to make my own Dragon brew. I've adopted the commonly used strategy of utilizing tokens with Utvara Hellkite and Dragon Broodmother. Unlike most decks I've taken a high-risk-high-reward build, with a small mana base to increase the likelihood of revealing a creature with Descendants' Path.

This deck plays similar to most ramp decks. You're looking for an Arbor Elf, Forest, Utopia Sprawl, another mana-generator (example: Somberwald Sage), another land and a couple dragons in your opening hand. Basically you're setting yourself up for a turn 3 7+ mana dragon. After that the synergies will lead the way, and take over if left to run rampant.


Arbor Elf + Utopia Sprawl: not only does Utopia Sprawl help with mana fixing, it increases the value of Arbor Elf's tap ability.

Dragon Broodmother + Dragon Tempest and/or Scourge of Valkas: If allowed to stay on the board it can easily burn your opponent out or keep the board clear. Bonus if you have Utvara Hellkite or Doubling Season to essentially (or literally) double your tokens and burn damage.

Descendants' Path: Every creature in this deck is either a Druid or Dragon; if it isn't summoning a free creature, it's usually fast forwarding you to draw one.

Thundermaw Hellkite: Clears the skies for your dragons to swoop in for the kill, or at least some free damage.

Haven of the Spirit Dragon: helps with recovery if you lose a key dragon for combing off.


Updates Add

This deck hasn't got much attention, but I've decided to try and revive it with some updates!

Card changes! After some play-testing, I've decided to swap out Sakura-Tribe Elder entirely for Voyaging Satyr; plays into Descendent's Path better. -1 Balefire Dragon for +1 Hellkite Charger; dragon diversity (may swap back after further testing with Dragon Tempest). -1 Arbor Elf and -1 Somberwald Sage for +2 Crucible of Fire; mana-ramp has remained stable despite this change andCrucible of Fire + Dragon Broodmother aids with attrition battles. I did some minor basic land changes to compensate with the slight color shift (-1 Forest +1 Mountain).


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+1 Rootbound Crag main
+2 Doubling Season main
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+4 Draconic Roar main
-2 Mountain main
-4 Lightning Bolt main
+2 Haven of the Spirit Dragon main
-2 Doubling Season maybe