"Your true face...What kind of...face is it?"

You might be wondering why the deck's ramp package is being listed first. In my other articles, I usually leave the less-interesting sections at the bottom so that you can fully understand the deck they are supporting. However this package also doubles as one of our win conditions. Land auras + Estrid, the Masked plus The Chain Veil assemble an infinite mana combo, ending in Estrid's ultimate ability. In essence, each bit of ramp is the tolling of the Clock, heralding the moment of doom...72 hours from now...

Hmm, yes. It's easy getting lost in those woods. Ask the monkeys that live there.

_ "Chi-kiita! Chi-kiita!"

(These lands tap for two or more mana apiece! Attaching a mask or a mana ramp aura means that Estrid's +2 makes even MOOOORE mana!)_

"This melody swoops you up and sends you soaring..."

These are bird statues: different variations of the same effect acting as milestones along the difficult path Link travels.

We pull the strings of this world. Tamiyo dissuades attacks and blocks, manipulating opponents into attempting to deny card draw or hit someone (not us) to draw cards. In the early turns, Mystic Remora draws cards off of the opposition's ramp, but generally it and Rhystic Study punish those who refuse to play fair.

Our inventory of masks for any situation. As two differing facets, Hanna rewinds time to before our cards are destroyed; Genesis Wave is the Song of Double Time itself, speeding us towards the Final Hours.

The ancient ones, fearing such catastrophe, sealed the mask in shadow forever, preventing its misuse. But now, that tribe from the legend has vanished. They were forever doomed to live in the twilight, flitting in the half-light of dusk, mere shadows of Hyrule... so no one really knows the true nature of the mask's power... - Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess

The opportunity cost for running such harsh artifact hate is quite low. Sol Ring is a pointless inclusion when Utopia Sprawl taps for one less mana but acts as a combo piece. As such, there is only one artifact in the deck. The deck is well-equipped to answer its own Stony Silence should it dampen the Chain Veil.

"The ancient ones, fearing such catastrophe, sealed the mask in shadow forever, preventing its misuse. It was then, in the thrall of hatred and despair, that I turned my eyes to the heavens...and found a god." The banishment that cards like Greater Auramancy offer also provides a solitude for those...for we...who wish to abuse that which was sealed in shadow.

You have learned the Elegy of Emptiness. These grant us a twin image, a shell of our best masks. We are able to double down on Energy Flux to end artifact decks or a ramp aura!

Very few creature decks can fight through so many temples, fallen civilizations, and tedious fetchquests. For those decks that do not rely on creatures, there are special torture devices that are their Curse of Exhaustion. My only issue with Ghostly Prison and Propaganda is that they do nothing to protect Estrid. Dueling Ground is one option, but it needs Maze of Ith to not backfire and paint an even bigger target on her.

"It is something that grows over time... a true friendship. A feeling in the heart that becomes even stronger over time... The passion of friendship will soon blossom into a righteous power and through it, you will know which way to go..." - Sheik, Ocarina of Time

Loss is present throughout this world: the loss of a father, of a legacy, of the betrothed, of an empire, of unhatched children. Deep within every person is an anguish that is as beautiful as the unfolding of a rose. It is beautiful and enchanting and cruel. It takes hold and all one can do is fall ever deeper into despair.

"I wish for you to go to the temple in this land and sever the root of the evil curse that torments us."

The land of Termina is wrought with other evils besides Skull Kid and his mask. Some might say that there is a reason why Termina is doomed to live in the twilight, flitting in the half-light of dusk... There is very little that can break this curse. Once in place, our victory is set in stone.

"What a soothing melody... My sorrows are melting away into the song."

Lulling a commander into apathy is a heavy blow. Tana, the Bloodsower ? Meren of Clan Nel Toth ? No, just an insect and a land.

On the surface, these are simple spells, but in reality they are powerful deterrents. Players refrain from casting powerful spells for fear of losing them.

"The Goddess of Time is protecting you. If you play the Song of Time, she will aid you..."

Sometimes disaster must be reverted before it can be prevented. Enchantment recursion is effective in pulling answered threats out of the grave, but it is even better at allowing reuse of removal or Sterling Grove. As a final mention, Hanna and Open the Vaults dig The Chain Veil out of the bin.

The Fierce Deity Mask, a mask that contains the merits of all masks, seems to be somewhere in this world...

These masks turn peaceful enchantresses into warriors of legend mentioned with fear and trembling. Barring our combo, this is the simplest way of winning the game. These are also effective as we combo off, as we can attack unabated having bounced the table with Words of Wind. If and when the aura's host has been slain, we can simply rewind time. Could this mask's dark powers be as bad as Majora?

"If you just leave things as they are, something terrible will happen to this world!"

The soldiers are evacuating Clock Town, the boy climbs the tower, and the Fierce Deity Mask within the Moon yearns for a host. There are so many ways for this story to end. cackles

Of course, there is the Moon itself. Using The Chain Veil to combo off, my infinite mana can sweep those little heroes off of the tower with Words of Wind. With no permanent on the field other than my own, I let time run its course, Helix Pinnacle ending the game. This is the "Game Over" ending.

From terrier racing to soothing the troubled soul of a gigantic stalfos, the boy in green has eased the despair of Termina. Moonfall is not what this land will remember, but rather each good deed done along the way. Usually I use these cards to stall until the infinite combo can be achieved, but they can certainly win the game on their own. This is the "Good" ending.

The boy in green fails to realize to understand that this world tends toward entropy. Not all stories can have happy endings. Especially in Termina, where tragedy springs eternal. This victory is messy, with enchantments entering the fray and falling left and right. Any of these victories are possible when going infinite, but this one is never preferred. This is the "Hero's Regret" ending.


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(Removed > Added) - Helm of the Gods > Decree of Silence

What's Up with Estrid?

This is the highest rated and most viewed Estrid deck on TappedOut. With that realization came another: this is the representation of Estrid to many players, so I need to make it as competitive as possible. With input from the enchantress Discord and Reddit, the deck has been trimmed and streamlined. Helm of the Gods has been removed as it was clunky with Stony Silence and Energy Flux; Arixmethes' job was accomplished by bouncelands; Plea for Guidance cost too much mana; Counterspell is just being replaced by Decree of Silence.

Solemnity acts as a hate piece against Meren of Clan Nel Toth or Triskelion and forms a lock with Decree of Silence. Decree can also protect the deck from interaction on the combo turn. Estrid's +2 breaks the parity on Rising Waters and Stasis, slowing down the game.

Entering my watch list is Helix Pinnacle . Its purpose as an unconventional infinite mana win condition is done better by Words of Wind . It is terrible unless I am comboing, something that cannot be said of Tuvasa or Eldrazi Conscription, which win the game with Words of Wind.

As for the art, I couldn't be happier with these additions. This deck has been one of my pet projects for nearly a year and over that time I have probably seen more Majora's Mask art than anyone alive. There are many more wonderful pieces I have been itching to show off here and I hope that the MM Fanart community continues to grow. If you are one of the brilliant artists whose work I have put on display, I implore you to create art of the following and message me in the comments below or at

  • Giant Turtle

  • Great Bay Temple (inside)

  • Great Bay Coastline

  • Indigo-Go performance

  • Pirate Fortress

  • Stone Tower

  • Goron Link speeding in pursuit of Goht

  • Zora Link swimming with his magical barrier up

  • Koume being given the Red Potion

  • Kamaro dancing/Link Dancing with Kamaro Mask

  • Snowhead (inside)

  • Link taking notes in the Bombers' Notebook

  • Termina Field


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