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brew i made for standard, first time brewing a deck so input would be greatly appreciated. but plan is play some dork then freyalise for alot of mana, got some sweet mana sinks as stowaway and shalai.

What is the competetive advantage: Bein able to generate A LOT of mana and grind out the opponents resources.

What are the strengths of my deck: Bein able to quickly flood the board and generating mana and having a lot of manasinks to use that mana and getting rid of the opponents resources with driven/despair or simply grinding them out with tokens

why is it better than other decks: in a meta filled with aggro and controlling deck i want to take the middle ground being able to fight both sides, and with the the understanding of modern abzan and jund decks i realized best way to do it is to simply grind out the opponents resources.


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