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My goal of this deck is to keep their field clear through field wipes and discard effects:

Blasphemous Act against creature decks can be dropped on turn 3/4 and is less mana intensive than Mizzium Mortars

Killing Wave Hilarious when creatureless

Liliana of the Dark Realms I love every ability, even using her 2nd ability on a Rakdos Keyrune can devastate an enemy with no field presence, hand, or burn option.

Mind Rot cost effective discard

Mutilate wonderful removal for the cost

Rakdos Keyrune mana bump and can also deal 3 damage a turn if the opponent has no field presence or hand (and can be used defensively, even against Thragtusk)

Rakdos's Return Always good to have, fireball on crack. synergizes with Liliana of the Dark Realms 3rd ability as a guaranteed kill condition

Scroll of Griselbrand Timely discard for next to nothing, especially fun using it during their upkeep and just to see their hope die (yes i know this won't proc Shrieking Affliction I'm just a sadist.

Searing Spear spot removal or burn to the face

Shrieking Affliction Obvious discard win condition for one mana

Staff of Nin card advantage and burn against an opponent terrified of field wipes


Appetite for Brains for Thragtusk, Sigarda, Host of Herons, Angel of Serenity, and other annoying creature removal.

Elixir of Immortality for use against burn decks early game, I don't want them to get a leg up on my life.

Grimoire of the Dead board in against creature decks as a win con.

Rakdos Charm exiles their graveyard if i need it to and the burn ability is wonderful if i have no creatures.

Slaughter Games Will mainboard if i see a Geist of Saint Traft, Thragtusk, Sigarda, Host of Herons, or Angel of Serenity to remove all copies and hopefully break their decks. It is very fun dismantling a deck by using two of these, worst case scenario you get to look at their entire deck for 4 mana.

Shrieking Discard inspired me to create this deck so some credit goes to user:buffy

Comments welcome, thanks for reading!


Updates Add

Added Charmbreaker Devils for testing, they work wonderfully and act as a win con...though after playing Staff of Nin with my buddies I realized that it has a similar effect with more constancy and the ping is devastating (ill get more spells either way). Debating on adding 2x more Staves because they are more constant and more difficult to remove and provide a safer win con with a less vulnerable card gain.

In other news, removed Appetite for Brains from SB for now because i haven't had a problem with creatures (if i do i tend to remove them with Slaughter Games more effectively.

Added Pillar of Flame and Mizzium Mortars

Depending on the orzhov keyrune's on combat ability, i am tempted to splash white for Terminus and whatever discard they give to orzhov...i remember orzhov discard being fun and hope they bring it back.

For now this is the finished product, unless you guys can give better suggestions (mostly SB) and win me over on 2x Charmbreaker Devils over 2x more Staff of Nin

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