My first EDH deck..

Mono-Black (Goodstuff/Arifact) Control..

The general idea is to quietly Ramp up, create a little defensive board presence, all the while trying to establish some kind of practical political value (like an assassin for hire, etc..) to defend yourself with during the early parts of the game; then as you enter the Midgame is usually a good time to start using Horobi to stir up a little chaos, and then after a power shift or two invariably causing somebody to wipe the board (us included), start dropping lock pieces in multiples to prevent the opponents from bouncing back, and generally just lock-out the game.. After that, use Fatties & absurd amounts of mana to beat face & win..

And if all else fails, there's always tutoring up Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond for the insta-win..

Also considering that this deck only has ( 2 ) cards that can normally be cast at Instant speed, Vedalken Orrery enables all kinds of evil shennanagans, and can totally change how this deck is executed; from a Goodstuff 'Tap-out Control' of sorts--to an outright Evil breed of ''Draw-Go' Control'.. There are too many interations to list, but just name a few: There's Instant speed Boardwipes, Flashing in a Phyrexian Obliterator for a surprise Block; making a Tainted Remedy appear out of nowhere when there's a bunch of opponent lifegain on the stack... I think you get the idea..


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