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Affinity: -2 Vulshok Sorceror, -3 Frostburn Weird, -2 Mountain, +3 Doom Blade, +2 Orim's Thunder, +2 Plains--taking mountains changes how you search for lands and removal that hits all their creatures like Doom Blade and also Orim's Thunder hitting 2 creatures in this matchup a lot is nice.

Hexproof: -2 Flame Slash, -4 Terminate, -1 Vulshok Sorceror, -1 Swamp, -1 Mountain, -+3 Diabolic Edict, +2 Orim's Thunder, +2 Patrician's Scorn, +2 Plains--targeted removal is weak in this matchup obviously, if they are running aura gnarlid 4-of you could keep in 3 terminate and board out Frostburn Weirds

Stompy: -1 Rift Bolt, -1 Frostburn Weird, -1 Vulshok Sorceror, +3 Doom Blade--instant speed removal is good here for responding to pump spells

Tron: -3 Frostburn Weird, -1 Vulshok Sorceror, -2 Flame Slash, +3 Doom Blade, +3 Diabolic Edict--this is for the normal fangren marauder+ulamog crusher tron, just boarding out things that can't kill them for things that can.

Familiars: -3 Frostburn Weird, -2 Rift Bolt, -1 Blood Ogre, +3 Doom Blade, +3 Diabolic Edict-- have to interrupt the combo and need ways to interact at instant speed, haven't played the matchup a lot this is the best i could think of boarding-wise.

MBC: really depends, if they are running a full 4 oubliette and used a bunch game 1 then -1 Frostburn, -1 Vulshok Sorceror, -2 Mountain, +2 Orim's Thunder, +2 Plains

Delver: so many variants and also matters if you aren't comfortable playing tormenting voice around counter magic. -3 Frostburn Weird, -1 Rift Bolt, +2 Electrickery, +2 Doom Bladeif uncomfortable with the voice in a counter match then-3 Tormenting Voice, -1 Frostburn Weird, +2 Doom Blade, +2 Electrickery--playing tormenting voice around counters is hard, have to try and not get 2 for 1ed early. this is also based on the spellstutter, cloud of faerie, delver, otherwise electrickery wont be as good obviously.

Delverfiend: -3 Frostburn Weird, -1 Vulshok Sorceror,-1 Gorehorn Minotaurs, -1 Rift Bolt, +3 Doom Blade, +3 Diabolic Edict--prioritizing search for black early makes double commit worse, another match where instant speed is required too.

This obviously isn't every match, decks that have lots of oblivion rings and journeys make orim's thunder and/or patrician's scorn pretty good. Token decks full of x/1 creatures make electrickery happy. Can't possibly include all the decks and variants out there, but i do hope this general sideboarding does help.


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