This is a budget Orzhov cleric tribal deck. I'm not sure the best way to break this down. I suppose it's mostly about using the tools at your disposal to survive and try to pick off an opponent per turn. With Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim + Enduring Renewal + Pitiless Plunderer you can gain infinite life as long as you can cast a cleric for free with Edgewalker and either Bontu's Monument or Oketra's Monument . Beacon of Immortality can keep you alive and maybe move you into a life total that lets you use Ayli's second ability. I dunno, it's budget, it's janky, but I made it myself so there! Now with an actual win-con in Aetherflux Reservoir ! If you have the above combo for infinite life and play Aetherflux, all those cleric recasts can be used to kill your opponents!


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