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Dark Chocolate Booty





mostly mono black treasure

I'm Rich Bitch

The goal is to get out Revel in Riches and board wipe creatures with Bontu's Last Reckoning. Leaving an indestructible, pumped Yahenni, Undying Partisan on the board and swing with him. Hopefully I'll be close to winning via treasure. Backup wincon after wiping is dropping Marionette Master and saccing all my Treasure.

Other swell interactions.Ruthless Knave allows me to sac my creatures to get more treasure prior to wiping.

Doomed Dissenter gives me another body when it gets sacced or wiped. And Dire Fleet Hoarder does the same with Treasure.

board wipes, and spot removal in main and more removal in sideboard.

Herald of Anguish give me another source of removal and another possible last game wincon.

Treasure Map  Flip and Costly Plunder give me ways to refuel.

If I find I'm not hitting Yahenni or M Master enough, I might increase them each by one or at least side one more of each.


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