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Daretti's Recycle Pile

Commander / EDH Mono-Red


My current take on the already surprisingly strong Daretti Pre-con.

The mana base was altered for a little less bloat - though there is plenty of room for improvement, and the fetch artifacts have been replaced with some of their more efficient counterparts.

We're looking for wincons by cheating big hitters in from the graveyard, so pitching early and often is the way forward - Daretti aside, we still run Feldon for copies and a few land/artifact based graveyard recursion.

You'll notice a few "Daretti Staples" have been left out off this list; I'm not opposed to the mass destruction route (a la mycosynth lattice, darksteel forge, shatterstorm), I just don't have them on hand, and my meta is a little too casual for that kind of hate. Hellkite Tyrant is missing due to availability, but could be an excellent wincon for this list.

Running a planeswalker commander can be dangerous, depending on your meta, so unless you can drop Daretti turn 2/3 you may want to wait until you can pop a blocker either from graveyard or from your hand before you bring him out.

As with most of my red based decks, card draw seems to be a bit of an issue. With a few lands and rocks it can be very easy to empty your hand and be playing top deck: this list is mostly based around the idea that if you can get through your deck fast enough you'll get the cards you need to win, so there are plenty of extra card draw options to keep your engine going.

As a final note, the strongest wincon in the deck right now (that I intentionally added, at least) is Helm of the Host with Breath of Fury, a decent beater (flyers/wurmcoil engine), and any other creature to start the combat chain.

Thoughts, criticism, and suggestions are all welcome.


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