this is my first shot at a Daretti, Scrap Savant deck im not sure the best way to play him. i picked up the commander anthology 2 and tweaked with what i had and have only played a few games with it so far. I i know one of the weaknesses in mono red edh is a lack of card draw so i tried to build the deck with that in mind. im really looking for a good artifact sac outlet for the deck

Card Advantage

Howling Mine i might take this out but im not sure what ti replace it with

Jalum Tome not technically card advantage but it allows me to loot every turn

Vance's Blasting Cannons   effectively draws me an extra card every turn. i dont ever plan on flipping it

Chandra, Tourch of Defiance i cant find any thing i dont like about this card

Stolen Strategy i have yet to use this card but seems really fun

Mind's Eye this card has been incredible i want more copies for myt other edh decks

loreseekr's stone its a ton of mana but being able to draw 3 cards is never bad

Sandstone Oracle this card is situational but when it hits it hits big


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