Daretti Control (by Vexillology via MtG Goldfish)

All credits for this build go to Vexillology. His/Her deck can be found at: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/1811854#paper

I will be running it as is for now, and will share my changes as I make them.


Removed lands that come in tapped for basics and painless fetches. Added Scraptrawler, Swiftfoot boots, and Pia Nalar, lowering the mana base to 20 lands. Seems better so far, and between Boots and Trawler, it's easier to keep the best threats around to win.


Replaced Scrap with Shattering Spree , replaced Abrade with Unlicensed Disintegration , and replaced Mind Stone with Angrath's Rampage for now. Will try to get a copy of Night's Whisper and Phyrexian Arena to replace some of the worse draw spells in here, and throw the Mind Stone back in at that time possibly.


Skipped Mind Stone entirely and removed another lesser draw spell to make room for Liliana of the Veil. Easy decision.

UPDATE 4 (Last change for a while):

Did finally add a Mind Stone . Replaced Crux with Damnation . Also got more of the crumby draw spells out and added the Night's Whisper . Also snuck in a Volrath's Stronghold . Played 4 three-player games with it, and won 2 of them, so that's pretty good! Going to run it for a few weeks and try to gauge any remaining weaknesses. ANY suggestions in the comments will be considered.


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