This is my attempt at a versatile control deck designed for multiplayer. I'm slowly improving it when I can afford to add new things. It has a high number of interactive cards and taxing effects to take control of the board before constructing a win condition.

You win by getting Necropotence into play with an unlimited hand size card and Ivory Tower out, then you can get Empyrial Armor if you really want.

You can also win with Helm of Obedience/Rest in Peace, and Big Tezz

Energy Field/Rest in Peace act as a Moat effect, deterring players from attacking you.

In the future I hope to acquire a Mana Vault, Force of Will, Mana Drain, Mox Opal, and Mox Diamond.

I am taking suggestions into account, I'm just clearing them as I go because having a maybeboard looks untidy to me.

Other than that its mostly just good cards. 93% casual my ass.


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