This deck is in some ways a throwback to Theros standard black devotion decks. However, while devotion was a central theme in that deck, here it is a secondary idea; the primary axis of attack is hand disruption coupled with hard-hitting and resilient threats such as Pack Rat and planeswalkers.

Decks that seek to trade 1 for 1 need to have a way of pulling ahead on cards - Phyrexian Arena and Erebos, God of the Dead are the raw card draw of choice. Indeed, in the matchups where Erebos, God of the Dead is good, he is Necropotence-level good. The no-lifegain clause is remarkably relevant also against Kitchen Finks combo, Batterskull, Lightning Helix and Wurmcoil Engine (and against decks trying to pull off nonsense, Griselbrand). However, his legendary status, terrible showing against decks such as Burn and mana cost of four mean that oftentimes, Phyrexian Arena is a somewhat less painful card draw engine. That said, caution is still advised when using Arena, since the trigger of losing life is not optional (unlike, again, the Theros block standard deck where Underworld Connections played the role Arena is playing here; this, primarily, was why the choice was made to not play the set of Arena).

This deck ought to have a game plan against every matchup, no matter the specifics; it has the tools to fight even through a turn 0 Leyline of Sanctity, despite the many targeted discard spells in the deck - Pack Rat, for instance, makes otherwise dead cards useful. Against decks without Leyline, the discard, combined with the Extirpate from the board, ought to provide a cohesive game plan against all opponents.

The rest of the deck is removal in different varieties such that even if an opposing threat does slip through discard in time to stabilise against a board of rats/demons, there exists a means with which to answer it.

Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, on a side note, continues to excel - the 3/4 lifelinking body is relevant in races/against aggro, the card advantage and exile are relevant against midrange/Snapcaster Mage + Kolaghan's Command decks. Last, but not least, Gray Merchant of Asphodel gives this deck the reach it needs to break through stalled boards/hate cards like Ensnaring Bridge (which the Disenchant effects from the board can also answer), and equally importantly, recoups the life lost from our own plentiful life loss effects and the earlier turns of the game.


Took team to the quarterfinals with this list - I was on Modern:

I actually won my 5-8 bracket match (paired against the Lantern player in position 4, Gray Merchant for 19, then 23), but my teammates lost theirs, so we didn't make it to the semis.

Matchups were Affinity, Jund, GW Hatebears, Abzan, and Lantern (one opponent dropped). Won against Affinity and Jund; other two didn't matter, because teammates lost their games.

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RingweMakil says... #1

If Evil Presence and Contaminated Ground were like Spreading Seas, I'd think about it. But I'd rather not go down a card and still leave them with mana.

I agree about Fulminator Mage being too slow against t3 Tron when we're on the draw, but it's fine if they don't have it t3, and if they do have it t3, there are not many sequences of cards that win us that game anyway.

Now, to mitigate weakness to Tron, we can find space in the sideboard for perhaps another land destruction spell and a Stony Silence (which also helps the Lantern matchup), which I might eventually do if I get annoyed by Tron enough, but I think I'm more likely to accept that Tron is a slightly unfavourable matchup, even post board, and be happy with one 40-60 matchup given that most of my other matchups are at least 60-40 post board.

With regards to Lantern, I've never been too scared of it. Game 1 just comes down to the draw. Their plan is more or less quite intact, whereas we draw Fatal Push and Murderous Cut and Hero's Downfall; our only path to victory is to get in before Ensnaring Bridge, and Merchant for the last few points before he gets a hard lock going. That said, drawing extra cards a turn is quite good against a deck that's trying to manipulate the top card. Games 2 and 3, we get artifact destruction, combined with Extirpate, and that heavily swings the matchup. So overall, I'd say it's 50/50, with post boarded games slightly favouring us, as the deck with both discard and answers.

April 11, 2017 6:41 p.m.

UBQRLQL says... #2

Our Sideboard slots are quite tight.. but then again, what about Pithing Needle and Chalice of the Void? Needle can be huge against several decks (including Tron, Eldrazi, Lantern, Affinity etc.) and should never be a dead card. Chalice is only good on T2 and nothing I normally would like to include in such deck but I'd like to here your thoughts about these two cards.

April 12, 2017 1:09 p.m.

RingweMakil says... #3

I think Pithing Needle is quite good. Every card in this list is definitely not set in stone, even though the core is well-established; it's definitely possible for anyone to take out certain cards and replace them with others and the deck will still function just fine.

I heavily dislike Chalice of the Void in this deck; in fact, Chalice can be quite good against it. Five one mana discard spells, Fatal Push; at 2, Pack Rat, Collective Brutality, Shadow of Doubt, and other cards from the sideboard. It hurts our own game plan too much. Chalice belongs in decks that either only have high costing cast spells (Eldrazi and Tron, for instance), or decks that are just trying to lock the opponent out using whatever shortcut is possible (these decks would also presumably have Blood Moon and other such nonsense). In fair decks with a range of cheap and expensive cards, Chalice has no place.

April 12, 2017 10:23 p.m.

jchevier says... #4

First off, I really like the looks of this deck. Currently building this list. The only thing I'm wondering about is, could this deck use a Big Game Hunter. It looks like it could be great. It can be another removal spell, and it synergies great with Collective Brutality and Pack Rat. It also adds two to the devotion count. Not really surr what the cut would be though. Would love to hear your input on this change.

April 18, 2017 7:01 a.m.

RingweMakil says... #5

Sideboard slots with this deck are definitely flexible, so feel free to try out any cards you think have good synergy. I personally haven't included it because it's quite narrow - I would rather have Damnation. But if you can find a slot for it, and it performs well for you, let me know!

April 18, 2017 7:56 a.m.

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