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Overhaul something. I have honestly given up trying to keep track of it, have a read of the updates section for all of the changes (well, the recorded ones anyways).


This deck is combo control heavy deck. The idea of the deck is to lock down my opponent(s) until I can combo off in one of a few ways.

Deck Win Conditions

The deck's primary win condiotion to produce infinite mana and then play cards that abuse that.

Infinite Mana:

From here:

Future Changes

The maybe board contains cards I am currently looking at putting in the deck (This also includes finding permanent homes for cards swapped in/out).

Likely long term changes:

Any constructive feedback / comments / critisms are appreciated. Please let me know what you think. And if you like the deck, show your support with an upvote!


Updates Add

Finally was able to get my hands on a Mana Crypt for the deck. Only a few more big ticket items and I "should" be "done". So out comes Everflowing Chalice . Also was able to get a new EMA Sylvan Library to replace the old white bordered one I had in the deck.

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