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Dakkon, King of Zombies

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So Dakkon Blackblade has always been a card that has interested me as he is just so out of place. This has led to a bit of an obsession with the character and a desire to make something with him; so finally I have decided to make an EDH deck around him, but with a fun flavorful twist. So Dakkon in the lore is this kind-of soulless being, he has had the life sucked from him and he is forced to serve a character named Dihada.

With that in mind, it was suggested to me that a zombie tribal could work with Dakkon, and that got me thinking that it would interact well with the lore, and so here we are...

(Note some cards like Gerrard Capashen are here for flavor and their association with Dakkon)

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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