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Has Burn given you inflammation?

Did Death's Shadow increase your risk of a heart attack?

Has Lantern Control left you with colorectal cancer?

Well fear not! I've got just the prescription for your ailments. I'm most excited to bring you a new brew of pharmaceuticals to deal with these very real afflictions.

We call it,


enter image description here

Walkers United(TM) have been working diligently in their collaborative efforts in bringing you the next evolution in pain medication for annoying decks.

enter image description here

The science behind it is so advanced, you'll start feeling its effects in no time! I mean just look at that skeletal formula.

Here we have a deck, built around Planeswalker control.

The Esper shard is in a unique position that contains the wealth of Modern's most punishing cards, like Collective Brutality, Supreme Verdict, and Path to Exile.

Our job is to slow down the effects of other decks and strategies and grind them to a halt as we build up our board.

Narset Transcendent is a fantastic Doctor. She thoroughly examines the top four pages of a patient's chart to find the right dosage of Esperin, and has a high percentage of patients rebounding after administration!

Sorin, Solemn Visitor is our motivational triage Doctor. In a pinch, he examines if patients need a little rejuvenation, and is quick to call on his 2/2 nurses for support. Sorin, Grim Nemesis is his older brother, and has a tendency to administer impressively potent dosages to clear away opposing threats.

Jace, Architect of Thought and his twin brother Jace, the Mind Sculptor are our medical consultants. The former sifts tthrough recommended prescriptions and allows the patient to choose what's best for them, or weakens the potency of preexisting viruses. The latter rejects viruses, forms protective seals around invading agents and draws from a wealth of knowledge.

Gideon Jura and Gideon of the Trials are our surgeons. They make sure our staff's well-equipped and impossible to lose in any given situation.

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver is our Euthanasia specialist. Sometimes, death is an inevitability and Ashiok's kindhearted nature acts as a beacon to those in transition to their final journey. Though we have noticed Ashiok has an odd tendency for claiming certain memorabilia from each patient they visit, Ashiok is our most trusted advisor in assisted death.

Logic Knot is a hard counter for those nasty germs, especially when you delve your Fetch Lands!

Negate says "no" to any foreign agents that try to make their way in.

Esper Charm is Esperin's namesake; it has a variety of modes, it's boosts our immune system and discards infected cells, forces foreign agents out, and destroys any static germ that refuses to leave.

Path to Exile extracts any infesting virus on the field.

Spell Snare targets specific strains in counter measures.

Spreading Seas and Detention Sphere are our Quarantiners for hazardous and potentially harming threats.


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Hey Folks

So I was at a Modern Showdown, testing out the (unfinished) build of Esperins. It went horrible lol, but that was mainly due to two things:

  1. Poor Sideboard Selection due to an ignorance of my meta.
  2. Bad cards inserted in place of cards that I'm missing as a result.

I was handedly served losses vs Green Tron. Lost to UB Eldrazi Processing due to some poor choices.

I kid you not, the most 'fun' I had at the Showdown was vs Lantern where I had stalled the game to a halt with Eidolon of Rhetoric.

And nearly took down JundBBE but just didn't get there in game 3.

With that being said, reflecting on the sheer number of decks that appeared that day, I've rebuilt the sideboard accordingly. Similarly, until I can afford my Snapcasters, I've a few other slots that are inserted.

Added to the Mainboard:

Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip - This is the closest thing we can get to Snap for the same CMC. Having Telepath Unbound works well, especially with the new Legendary Ruling for Planeswalkers.

Sorin, Grim Nemesis - 6-CMC spells were demonstrably fine in the meta; I can slow down the pace enough to get there. Sorin provides some crippling abilities against other opponents. The Reverse BOB can end games, and it's another way to generate Tokens.

Spell Snare - not the biggest include but it's important to note that the countermagic has been amped up. This is only a 1-of in the deck since it's not necessarily a catch-all counter, but it counters quite a bit.

Spreading Seas - I couldn't help but think that, in every single one of my matchups, how devastating casting a Spreading Seas would be for my opponent.

Detention Sphere - Originally a Sideboard slot, this is just incredibly useful in the main.

Added to the Sideboard

Stony Silence & Fracturing Gust - the vast majority of the matchups would have benefited IMMENSELY from any sort of artifact hate or removal, especially Lantern. It was foolish to not have any answers to them.

Ceremonious Rejection - hard counter for Lantern Decks and Tron.

Supreme Verdict - was boarded from the Main. It's too powerful not to run at all, but I can tell you with a matchup against Lantern - being told I'm allowed to draw 4 Paths and 2 Supreme Verdicts felt awful.


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