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Daddy's Tomb of Sacrificial Sadness

Modern* Aggro BR (Rakdos) Budget Casual Goblins Tokens




Time for sacrifice. Tokens up the wa-zoo and tons of removal. Grab ya boi Kalitas and sac them zambos to make him a big boy,sac things to exile enemy creatures,and generally be a pain. This is one of my personal decks btw. Also it's HELLA CHEAP at a little under $20

EDIT(11/26/17): I don't know how but the price shot up to over $20,I'm sorry about that. Sol Ring is Modern Illegal so I'd add 2 other cheap mana ramps like Charcoal Diamond to offset the $5 for 2 rings

EDIT (1/8/18): Removed one (1) Goblinslide,added one (1) Mogis, God of Slaughter


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This deck is not Modern legal.

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Illegal cards Sol Ring
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