Disrupt Decorm is a setup card and just plain FUN to play. It forces somebody to HIT somebody but you!!! Enjoy the Chaos.

Daddy Markov Leader of the Underworld makes this deck pretty simple. Play Vampires - Create Tokens - Go Face ALOT. Also this deck is geared for fun/Semi competitive enviroments at an LGS/Playgroup.

There are alot of ways to pump your Vamps in this deck, and make them big and Scary /w Flying as well or Fear /w First Strike.

Focus on overwhelming the board, and getting your pump on the board so when you are doing damage it counts. Get Edgar Out to help that cause quickly because as soon as he turns sideways your vamps get an instant +1/+1.

Tutor for you wincons or what you need to keep you in the game and swinging. Do not just go for an answer this deck is a play your GAME dont let them play you.

Your Sac outlets not only help you due to the tokens, but they help you draw cards (Bloodghast and Skullclamp are a Match Made in the Underworld) or get mana when you need it. Lock the board down with Gravepact or take over some other peoples creatures. But win in doubt just go for BLOOD.

Disrupt Decorm is a setup card and just plain FUN to play. It forces somebody to HIT somebody but you!!! Enjoy the Chaos.

  1. Edgar Markov in a win condition by himself due to his token ability from the command zone but when he hits the board it gets fast and scary quick. Just overhwelm and keep going face. Shadow Alley Denizen/Cover of Darkness will help allowing those vamps to keep getting through as long as nobody has an artifact creature or black on the other end. Just go for broke and for blood. Share Animosity, Cover of Darkness, Fervor just help the cause in every way to keep those vamps thirsting for more.

  2. Just keep swinging youre aggro so go face.

  3. Elenda, The Dusk Rose & Blade of the Bloodchief were MADE for eachother. Sac vamps to Seer or Ashnods with Her on the board and blade equipped. She will get BIG, and you can sac her for so many TOKENS. Focus on getting Cathars' Crusade down before that happens because if 20 Vamps come in at the same time she sacs or dies you will then have 20 20/20 vamps. Play Fervor or Cover of Darkness: Naming Vampires and go face. Make sure those are on the board for this the most effective. This is a blast to pull off!


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