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Curse You Too, Punk

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As I looked to create my final 3 4-color decks (rebuilding to the complete color suite), I looked into Yidris's story for inspiration. Yidris is one of the Incurables, Ogres who have been cursed with unstable magic (which usually results in death). Cursed, you say? Hmmmmm...

Yes, this is an attempt at a "curse" deck. I have a 60 card curse deck that is quite fun to play, especially in 2-headed, so why not EDH? My first build (what you see here) may need some adjustment on the defensive plan, as curses are a big sign that I might be able to kill you in 10 turns, so kill me before then (yes, this deck results in very salty plays on your opponent's part, so the very best of political behavior is needed).

Not every usable curse is in here, and maybe some more of the weakest need to be cut too, but your thoughts, as always, are appreciated!



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