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Curse of the Aztec Gold

Standard* Artifact U/B (Dimir)


Create Treasure and Cell tokens with Dire Fleet Hoarder, Sailor of Means, Spell Swindle and Tezzeret the Schemer to sacrifice them in order for Marionette Master to kill your opponent when you sacrifice them. Contraband Kingpin is a nice way to find required cards with its scry ability.

Alternatives to win the game: Marionette Master reanimated with The Scarab God, or Deadeye Plunderers with tons of Treasure or Cell tokens if you ran out of Marionette Masters.


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Made some updates with the help from commenters and a little bit of a deeper investigation on Kaladesh / Aether Revolt sets. There still might be some room for improvement.


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This deck is Standard legal.

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