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Curse of the Aztec Gold

Standard* Artifact U/B (Dimir)



Create Treasure and Cell tokens with Dire Fleet Hoarder, Sailor of Means, Spell Swindle and Tezzeret the Schemer to sacrifice them in order for Marionette Master to kill your opponent when you sacrifice them. Contraband Kingpin is a nice way to find required cards with its scry ability.

Alternatives to win the game: Marionette Master reanimated with The Scarab God, or Deadeye Plunderers with tons of Treasure or Cell tokens if you ran out of Marionette Masters.


Made some updates with the help from commenters and a little bit of a deeper investigation on Kaladesh / Aether Revolt sets. There still might be some room for improvement.


BrenoSulz says... #1

Hey, just comment one a treasure deck with Revel in Riches as win con. I really prefer Marionette Master to build around. I would suggest Metallic Rebuke instead of Cancel. Since a 4 power Marionette kills with 5 treasures, adding Inventor's Goggles can reduce that need to 4 treasures (and helps with improvise costs). Metalspinner's Puzzleknot helps you find your artificer and only requires 3 treasures to be lethal, since you'll be sacrificing 3 treasures for mana to sac the Puzzleknot.

I really thing this can be a legit deck, since your opponent tapping out and getting Spell Swindle can be gg as you'll simply cast the Marionette for the win.

September 27, 2017 9:05 a.m.

FatherFrodo says... #2

Hey, BrenoSulz, I'll consider your suggestions. Thank you.

September 27, 2017 4:31 p.m.

Rex_JB24 says... #3

Marionette Master list should focus on generating artifacts and staying alive. That way when you resolve Master, with 5 or 6 cheap to sac artifacts, you can retain priority and kill your opponent. This deck does a good job generating TONS of artifacts, but I feel that it is lacking in the "not dying" department because counterspells won't stop everything.

I don't really like Unsummon in this list as I feel more permanent removal is necessary to stay alive for until you resolve Marionette Master. To that end, I would remove the three Unsummon and add 2Walk the Plank and 1 more Fatal Push. In the same vein, staying alive is important and creatures with "ETB make treasure" abilities are well and good but I don't see any game where you would want to attach equipment to Sailor of Means and attack with it. I think you equipment, and non Marionette creatures should become some combination of draw, removal, and other easy to sacrifice artifacts. Both Prying Blade and one Mirage Mirror could become Metalspinner's Puzzleknot which draws you cards but could also sit out and be more power for Master.

In the event Master dies, things get crummy, but with The Scarab God you have not only a potent threat but also the potential to reanimate Master as a 7/7! Three treasures in play and it's game over.

For other cards I think would improve the list, but I'm not sure where to slot, Fetid Pools and Censor.

September 28, 2017 11:25 a.m.

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