Hello everyone, and welcome! I decided to change this description because I saw this deck can be very effective. That's why I'd like to play it in tournament (modern format of course).

So, let's go!

Introducing the deck:

This is a enchantment deck. It consists in killing the enemy with Fevered Visions.

Win condition(s):

There are 2 win conditions:

First, and this is why I made this deck, you can kill your enemy with Fevered Visions (Thanks Sherlock)

The second win condition is... pretty... more simple: Banefire AND Lightning Bolt IN THE FACE, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!! (Yeah, just throw the biggest Banefire you can and Bolts in your opponent's face to kill him).

How to stay alive?

Your main defensive cards are your creatures. Wall of Denial, Wall of Omens and Drift of Phantasms are there to block (Because they cannot do anything else of course). Gran-pa Grand Arbiter Augustin IV is there too to add some tempo to the deck, and more control.

Did I say control? Yup, and there's Path to Exile to deal with awful creatures (whatever they are). There's also Anger of the Gods and Supreme Verdict in the sideboard, just in case...

However, you can freeze the board with Ghostly Prison (and laught when seing your opponent pay :3).


There's no much draw in the deck (expect with Remand BUT you've got Idyllic Tutor which is very important to get your Fevered Visions. You can also use Drift of Fantasms's ability to search your library for useful cards like Rule of Law, Fevered Vision or Wall of Denial.

The End

That's all friends, I hope you like this deck. I'm very proud of it and I'd like it to be stronger. Thanks for reading! If you've got advice, suggestions, comments, or just insults don't hesitate.

An upvote would be appreciated, thanks ;)


Updates Add

I removed my 2 Surgical Extraction to add 2 Stony Silence. Due to the number of cards with a converted mana cost egual to 3, Engineered Explosives is too strong against this deck. Then, Stony Silence is vvveeerryy useful.


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