Welcome, I am always open to suggestions and love discussing Delver decks so feel free to drop a comment!

This is a classic counter/burn deck. The plan is to stick an early threat like Delver of Secrets  Flip or Young Pyromancer and out tempo your opponent by countering and bouncing everything they play. There is plenty of burn and a couple finishers to close out the game when needed.
  • Serum Visions is the best of the 13 cantrips in the deck because its the only one that allows you to set up a Delver flip. (True Izzet Mages blind flip their Delver)
  • Opt is very average but the cantrips in Modern are limited, the instant speed is very good in a deck with counterspells though.
  • Mana Leak is very good in this deck because the games are usually over before it becomes a dead card.
  • Remand is one of the best cards in the deck (imo), it can throw your opponent off tempo while keeping cards in your hand.
  • Vapor Snag to bounce threats that get past your counter magic. The 1 damage is relevant sometimes as well.
  • Spell Pierce is mostly to protect your creatures from removal but can sometimes snag bigger things like planeswalkers.
  • Electrolyze is very effective against decks like Infect or other small creature decks and can also just go face. It also cantrips!
  • Lightning Bolt is the most efficient burn spell ever printed, one of my favorite cards.
  • Burst Lightning is a new addition, I have tried out various other burn spells in this spot like Lava Spike and Rift Bolt and wasnt satisfied.
  • Delver of Secrets  Flip is the card the deck is built around, my favorite card in all of Magic, I rarely play decks without it. Just remember to blind flip on turn 2 to look like a pro. =P
  • Young Pyromancer makes his way into every deck I build. It is hard to race and can also generate chump blockers for large threats like Gurmag Angler or Death's Shadow. He has been seeing a little more play in decks like Mardu Pyromancer recently.
  • Snapcaster Mage doesnt need much explaining but can flashback whatever spell is needed at the time. You also get a little more reach with Bolt, Snap, Bolt in the late game.
  • Bedlam Reveler is likewise seeing more play recently in Mardu Pyro and other decks, Ive even seen it played in Legacy. It refills your hand in the late game, usually for 2 mana, and gives the deck a bigger threat.

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Finally got a couple Snapcaster Mage so I cut the Enigma Drake for them. They will be missed but room had to be made somehow and I’m content with my spells.

Sadly the deck is no longer budget so I removed that part.

Gonna work on getting lands next!

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