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Pop goes the Blisterpod! {Token Combo}

Standard Dragons Ramp Tokens


This deck can go wide with tokens, then makes them bigger tokens. It also has serious ramp power (however is still different to the RG Eldrazi Ramp decks!) Utelising Cryptolith Rite your scions can now tap for mana and then be sacc'd, 3 scions generate 6 mana! What can we do with that mana?Dragonlord Atarka! Chandra, Flamecaller! Or the best bit...turn those lowly scions into mighty tarkirian dragons with Descent of the Dragon!

This deck is capable of turn 3 Westvale Abbey  Flip, turn 4 chandras, turn 4 atarkas... its gross.

mopnomore helped build and test the deck :)

If you are not familiar, Descent of the Dragons + Dragon Tempest . If you destroy 5 of your creatures to make 5 Dragons, you'll cause 25 damage from Dragon Tempest triggers, as they all enter the battlefield simultaneously.

If you only make 3 Dragons you'll still cause 9 damage in triggers and can swing for 12 with haste if the skies are clear.

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+1s and suggestions are appreciated and reciprocated!


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came 4th!

r1: lost 1-2 white weenie

r2: won 2-0 bw midrange

r3: won 2-0 blues clues

r4: won 2-1 seasons control

r5: (we drew into top 8 but played casually) won 2-0 esper superfriends

---- top 8 ----

r1: lost 0-2 bg aristocrats


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