Who need friends when you can Doomsday combo? Infinite milling turn 4? Playing by yourself? Sure. Why just destroy when you can exile? Lucky (not really) miracle? And most of all, blinking Esper never tasted better!

Blink to Kill

Act of Authority, Hostage Taker, Karn Liberated, Nevermaker, Ravenous Chupacabra, Reality Acid, Rishadan Footpad

Blink to Draw

Baleful Strix, Cloudblazer, Disinformation Campaign, Mulldrifter

Blink to Steal

Gilded Drake, Perplexing Chimera

Blink to Tutor

Recruiter of the Guard, Rune-Scarred Demon, Trinket Mage, Wishclaw Talisman


Altar of the Brood, Corpse Knight, Felidar Guardian, Laboratory Maniac, Spark Double

Extra Turn?

God-Eternal Kefnet / Archaeomancer / Mnemonic Wall + Time Warp + Aminatou!!


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